The Bridges of Portland, Oregon (My inspiration)

A bridge leads us to a place, a place that we might not need to go or to a place that we never thought  existed. You might cross a bridge on your way to work or to an appointment but did you ever think of what went into constructing that bridge? Or what a bridge might mean metaphorically for you?

Astoria Bridge (Astoria, Oregon-14 Miles long)

A bridge might mean to you or to others a passing of an obstacle. In fact according to wikipedia the definition of a bridge is: bridge is a structure built to span physical obstacles such as a body of water, valley, or road, for the purpose of providing passage over the obstacle. I take this as a bridge could mean there is always a bridge in our lives in some form or another. A bridge is an object of beauty and functionality that like life, life can be beautiful and it does perform a function. We all have obstacles and if you don’t you must have an easy life or a very dull one. I heard a wise man say this weekend “if your dreams only take you to achieve they are obviously too small.” Do you cross a bridge daily and what do you think about when you cross your bridge? Is it the obstacle? Is it overcoming said obstacle? Is it the foreseen victory?

The sight of a bridge can either take your breath away for it’s awe striking beauty or have you locked down in fear. You can always make a choice to cross the bridge. You also can stay on one side while viewing the opportunities and missed chances on the other. Like life bridges are meant to inspire you, encourage you to cross over to the other side, the other side of a grand opportunity to make a change to see your obstacle standing behind you. Cross that bridge today, take your opportunity, take the risk and enjoy the view atop of the bridge.

Cross the bridge! (View of Astoria bridge looking North)

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2 thoughts on “Inspiration-Bridges.

    • Thanks Javier! I am glad that you enjoyed it. I am also happy that you could connect to it. I have been trying to have people connect to my writing and to also inspire others. So hopefully this did just that! Have a great day!

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