Inspiration-Taking it personal.

You have heard the phrase “Don’t take it personal.” We all have. I find this an interesting phrase really. What is wrong with taking things personal? That really is the question? When you put yourself in a situation where you are vulnerable and you are open for criticism on every angle how do you not […]


“Yesterday is but today’s memory, and tomorrow is today’s dream.”-Khalil Gibran Dreams…. They can come to you in many forms as you lie asleep drifting from one dreamland to another. Dreams in our sleep have always told us a story, a story about ourselves. Our innermost thoughts, our desires…Our DREAMS. When was the last time […]


“You need to at least dip one toe into the water.” This is what my grandma used to say as we approached the cold and often numbing waters of the Pacific. She felt that it didn’t count if you didn’t put at least one toe in. I cherish that idea as I dip my toe […]


Nature in all it’s essence ¬†is the true beauty-unspoiled. When in nature surrounded by the magnificent, the tall, the minute, the extreme, and the wonder. Take it in. Be in awe of it! Just feel yourself change. There is no other. There is no pressure to be something your’e not. The trees, the flowers, the […]


MUSIC Music is part of me. It has been since the moment I could walk. I have been dancing, humming, and skipping with music in my ears and in my heart for my whole life. This song is one that inspires me almost daily, the simple tune and guitar behind it is absolutely beautiful. It […]

Inspiration-the crashing of the waves.

As a little girl driving to the beach seem to always take such a long time. The build up prior to was something that you anticipate, dream about. The sand squishing between your toes, the water cresting upon your legs, and the wind blowing through your hair. You think about it all week until the […]