Discussion/Response: Hi Dr. Glen, Thank you! You are the only person besides myself who uses the word “embrace” so often. With the diagnosis of cancer that i had, I made a decision to embrace it with unconditional love. I have never “beat” cancer nor have I “fought” cancer. I ask, “”How does one feel after they have beaten or have fought anything. Generally, they feel terrible. However, from learning to embrace cancer with unconditional love, I have felt a blissfulness at times and very happy. And i also have not been sick one day because of a diagnosis of cancer for the past 9 years. I hope that I have the opportunity to meet you. I live on Cape Cod and do hosts events. It is a wonderful world when we embrace the imbalances in our lives. I say, “To look, to see and to tell the TRUTH about them”. Blessings to you!


I thought this was an amazing and thoughtful look at cancer from a brilliant mind. Please read this blog post from Dr. Glen Hepker.


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