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Dear reader,

Alright so this is the part where I am supposed to write about me. Nothing is worse than writing about yourself. But if I have to I will. I am a writer. I also am the founder of This organization is my “baby”. I have watched it grow into something amazing.

I have started this new blog as a way for me to write about what inspires me from day to day, week to week. A way to stay positive in a world where it is hard to find sometimes anything that is positive. So with all that said a little bit about me.

Since I was a wee one I have been writing, writing on my grandma’s walls, on notebooks, on napkins and with the invention of the computer on that as well. You will never find me without some type of pen and notebook near me, rather it be in my hand or in my purse. Thoughts come and go as I suffer from ADHD or as they used to call it when I was growing up “hyper activity” so I have to write everything down or it might not be remembered later.

My weaknesses are lists and books. Let me explain further. I write lists for everything and I am not just talking about groceries here. I am talking about what I should do daily, rather it be personal or professional and or how to clean the house, as I get rather overwhelmed. My other weakness is books, some people collect shoes, coins and or baseball cards. I collect books. I love books and everything they are. The smell, the feel in your hands and a bookstore is like the best thing for me. I couldn’t throw away a book if my life depended on it.

I am an Oregon girl through and through. I love my home. I have lived just about everywhere, yet I keep coming back. I love the Pacific Northwest. Everything about it. I know most of the time I complain about the rain, but hey I wouldn’t be a true Oregonian if I didn’t. I am currently living in “Vantucky” which is the nickname for Vancouver, WA and hate it, NO offense to those who do, but I guess I just love the other side of the river better. Portland is my hometown. We will be relocating after the summer. Thank God! The seven mile difference between Vancouver and Portland really does make, well a difference.

So now you know a little bit about me. I would love to hear about you. Please feel free to leave me some comments and or subscribe to this blog. Thanks so much for reading about me and reading this blog.

Reading, inspiring others!

Gabriella Deveraux-Founder


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