Inspiration-Taking it personal.

You have heard the phrase “Don’t take it personal.” We all have. I find this an interesting phrase really. What is wrong with taking things personal? That really is the question?

When you put yourself in a situation where you are vulnerable and you are open for criticism on every angle how do you not take it personal? 

As a creative person I create things. I create works of art at least in my head but they come from a place that is very personal. Not from a place that is just robotic and un-meaningful. I write from my soul, I write with feeling and heart. I work with everything I have and most days I am exhausted emotionally because I have put my heart into it. As the founder of Hotlit Books I take what people say about the organization very personal as I started our organization with everything I have and for that matter what I don’t!

So not taking it personal I think is not really an option for me. As a creative person and as a human being I fight to not take it personal but how do I do this? 

In the business world they say it is a “dog eat dog world” right? What happened to being compassionate and kind and caring about one another? I know it goes back to being “personal” right?

I guess this blog post is really about balance and my lack of it. I hope you enjoyed reading it. So next time you know when you read a blog about me or Hotlit Books you know I have put my all and yes, I do take it personal. Happy reading and go out inspire someone…Be personal with one another after all we are just human and we should take care of one another.

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Seven things about me

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4 I have seriously jealous side (I am working on it).

5 I love to write

6 I can’t go a day without writing

7 I love cupcakes


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“Yesterday is but today’s memory, and tomorrow is today’s dream.”-Khalil Gibran


They can come to you in many forms as you lie asleep drifting from one dreamland to another. Dreams in our sleep have always told us a story, a story about ourselves. Our innermost thoughts, our desires…Our DREAMS.

When was the last time you had a dream?

When was the last time you woke up and actually remembered it?

Who was in it with you?

What about a waking dream? A dream that you aspire to? Do you still have those? Our dreams are what keeps us moving forward they keep us focused, don’t you think?

What dream did you have as a child that as a grown up you haven’t achieved? Why haven’t you? Is it because of money? Is it because of time? Are you holding yourself back? 

I had a dream to be a journalist, in fact I wanted to live in New York and write for Vogue but then I realized as I got older and my morals and ideas shifted so did that dream

So I ask this question. Have your dreams changed for the better?

Dreams can put hope where there was once none, but don’t hold on so tight that you don’t make room for new ones.

Dream the impossible, just dream!

Be AWAKE in your own life! Inspire to aspire….


“You need to at least dip one toe into the water.” This is what my grandma used to say as we approached the cold and often numbing waters of the Pacific. She felt that it didn’t count if you didn’t put at least one toe in. I cherish that idea as I dip my toe into the deep blue waters of the Pacific. 

Toes in the Pacific.


I often write about water. It has been a big part of my life….


A young little blonde girl of only eight with hair flowing down her back with lime green summery shorts and a Minnie Mouse short sleeved yellow t-shirt runs as fast as she can before everyone awakes to start the day in the cabin in the deep Olympic National Forest on Dewatto Bay. Bacon and coffee will soon fill the cabin and permeate the air and footsteps will be stomping hard on the ancient oak floors and the fire will crackle as it is stoked to take the chill off from the morning. 


Outside the air is crisp and dew has bestowed upon the green grass or what is left of it from the hot summer sun. Behind the cabin is where the little girl is called to. There is a large ancient well at the crest of the woods. The well serves the cabin of summer visitors. Around the well is what interests the child, she looks around and breathes in the freshness of the massive growth of wild mint that has taken a home. The leaves are damp as she snips off a peace and rubs it gently to release the oils into her palm. This is her routine, her ritual upon entering her sanctuary. 


The trail head is noticeable and marked seemingly just for the little girl. Naturally made by a large overgrowth in the shape of a large arch, she walks through the magical place.  She enters her home barefoot and feels the ground embracing her, the trees speak to her. The sounds of the insects, birds and ever flowing water lovingly call out her name. 

As the young one journey’s into the deeper dark woods a branch kisses her arm with the dew from the morn. She feels the ferns with her hands, gliding them across as she runs, running faster through the woods feeling the floor of the forest against her feet.

Nature has called upon her and she has answered. A bridge entirely made from a fallen lost tree who no longer had life is serving a purpose for her now. The moss has made a home on this fallen log. She crosses the naturally made bridge thinking of the life of the tree. She approaches her end.


There the wonder, the beauty that was calling her out of her warm sleeping bag in the early morning hours. The small opening of a crystal clear bubbling stream. She dips her first toe in and now the second as a chill crawls up her legs. Both her feet are now in the chilled water. She closes her eyes and breathes in the sounds of the trickle, the dampness of the deep canopy that called her.  She embraced and fell in love with the water at this very moment.

My first fish at the stream!

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Discussion/Response: Hi Dr. Glen, Thank you! You are the only person besides myself who uses the word “embrace” so often. With the diagnosis of cancer that i had, I made a decision to embrace it with unconditional love. I have never “beat” cancer nor have I “fought” cancer. I ask, “”How does one feel after they have beaten or have fought anything. Generally, they feel terrible. However, from learning to embrace cancer with unconditional love, I have felt a blissfulness at times and very happy. And i also have not been sick one day because of a diagnosis of cancer for the past 9 years. I hope that I have the opportunity to meet you. I live on Cape Cod and do hosts events. It is a wonderful world when we embrace the imbalances in our lives. I say, “To look, to see and to tell the TRUTH about them”. Blessings to you!


I thought this was an amazing and thoughtful look at cancer from a brilliant mind. Please read this blog post from Dr. Glen Hepker.

Inspiration-From the windshield

As we roam through this wondrous land amazement occurs. I stare through the windshield at the evergreens and pass under steel bridges as the creeks and rivers pass under me.

A Steel Bridge…The river underneath me.

I  look to the right and see abandoned barns and old men sitting in the yard waiting for an open ear or a memory to flood their mind.

The stereo blares as the wind blows through my strawberry-blonde curly locks. The sun is shining upon my freckled sun kissed face. Summer is almost over now as my tan lines upon my shoulders begin to fade.

Cars…Children waving as I pass them by in my happy-go-lucky yellow bug. Some have their windows rolled up and I wonder why they don’t take the last breath of summer in?

Children waving..

Travel…Breathe it in, taste the wind, feel the river under you, and whisper to the old man.




Nature in all it’s essence  is the true beauty-unspoiled.

When in nature surrounded by the magnificent, the tall, the minute, the extreme, and the wonder. Take it in. Be in awe of it!

Be in awe of it!

Just feel yourself change. There is no other. There is no pressure to be something your’e not. The trees, the flowers, the plants, and the beautiful azure sky above you. Embrace the beauty within you.



The true essence of yourself revealed within it’s corridors, it’s green canopy. Surround yourself today. Just be….

Inspire someone today!

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Where would we all be with out this word….Imagination? We would have a world with out any books, art, music, and not much of anything else really. Yet I realize most days being the creative type that I am I find myself being lost in my own imagination. Do you?Image

When I was a young “wee” one on my report card it would report that I would be “daydreaming” all day long in class. I was not really “daydreaming” I was creating a world of my own. A world much brighter and more beautiful than the dull grey classroom that I sat in daily. It is no secret to most who have read most of my work that I have “suffered” for a long time with ADHD but I wonder am I really suffering or is it that I just am imagining a better place to be. Maybe I just love my other world better. Maybe this place was a bit too much for me. I don’t really know I just know that I wouldn’t be writing today without my imagination. So to all the writers out there be thankful for your IMAGINATION….

Inspire someone today! Be inspired…Imagine a better world.


The Bridges of Portland, Oregon (My inspiration)

A bridge leads us to a place, a place that we might not need to go or to a place that we never thought  existed. You might cross a bridge on your way to work or to an appointment but did you ever think of what went into constructing that bridge? Or what a bridge might mean metaphorically for you?

Astoria Bridge (Astoria, Oregon-14 Miles long)

A bridge might mean to you or to others a passing of an obstacle. In fact according to wikipedia the definition of a bridge is: bridge is a structure built to span physical obstacles such as a body of water, valley, or road, for the purpose of providing passage over the obstacle. I take this as a bridge could mean there is always a bridge in our lives in some form or another. A bridge is an object of beauty and functionality that like life, life can be beautiful and it does perform a function. We all have obstacles and if you don’t you must have an easy life or a very dull one. I heard a wise man say this weekend “if your dreams only take you to achieve they are obviously too small.” Do you cross a bridge daily and what do you think about when you cross your bridge? Is it the obstacle? Is it overcoming said obstacle? Is it the foreseen victory?

The sight of a bridge can either take your breath away for it’s awe striking beauty or have you locked down in fear. You can always make a choice to cross the bridge. You also can stay on one side while viewing the opportunities and missed chances on the other. Like life bridges are meant to inspire you, encourage you to cross over to the other side, the other side of a grand opportunity to make a change to see your obstacle standing behind you. Cross that bridge today, take your opportunity, take the risk and enjoy the view atop of the bridge.

Cross the bridge! (View of Astoria bridge looking North)

Be INSPIRED…Inspire someone today!

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Columbia River

Music is part of me. It has been since the moment I could walk. I have been dancing, humming, and skipping with music in my ears and in my heart for my whole life. This song is one that inspires me almost daily, the simple tune and guitar behind it is absolutely beautiful. It reminds me how something such as the river which I live so close to can take your cares “away”.  With all the music out there today just remember music still can inspire you and change you for the better.

What music inspires you?


“Black River”

By: Amos Lee

Woah, black river,
gonna take my cares away.
Woah, black river,
gonna take my cares away.
Gonna take my cares,
gonna carry my cares,
gonna take my care away.
Gonna take my cares,
gonna carry my cares,
gonna take my care away.

Woah, dear saviour,
gonna take my cares away.
Woah, dear saviour,
gonna take my cares away.
Gonna take my cares,
gonna carry my cares,
gonna take my care away.
Gonna take my cares,
gonna carry my cares,
gonna take my care away.

Woah, sweet whiskey boy,
gonna take my cares away.
Woah, sweet whiskey boy,
you’re gon,
you’re gonna take my cares away.
Gonna take my cares,
gonna carry my cares,
gonna take my care away.
Gonna take my cares,
gonna carry my cares,
gonna take my care away.

You’re gonna take my bottle, my bible, my mess.
You’re gonna take all of my empty and my lonelyness.
Gonna take all of the sadness inside of me,
gonna take it all and set me free.

Woah, black river,
gonna take my cares away.

Have an inspiring day-Gabriella Deveraux/

Inspired by the STARS!

Absolutely inspiring!

When we look to the stars what do we see? A bunch of tiny small dots staring down upon us.

Do you ever think that maybe the sky is just a large blanket and a person has just ran that blanket through the dryer a few hundred times and now the blanket has too many holes?

What about this idea? Maybe we are in someone’s pocket rolling around and every so often we get a glimpse out of so said pocket and this is why we see the lights in the sky.

We all have connected the stars and made other things out of them. Have you seen an elephant, a boat, a pirate, a plane? I have. This is what inspires me. The stars have constantly amazed and inspired me. When I was young I would sit for hours on an old yellow blanket on the soft just mowed grass and breathe in the night sky. Stare I would. Sitting there after my nightly bath and my long blonde hair drying in the night’s crisp air, I would dream about flying through the sky. How I would love to be Tinkerbell and sprinkle my pixie dust gliding through. I would sit at a campfire and tell stories under these wonderful stars. I sat and had a first kiss under these beautiful stars. What have you done or seen or memories have you made under these magnificent objects?

Stars twinkle-don’t you want to? We all would love to have that bit of sparkle in us. We all would love to inspire people to write about us, study us and to glance upon us. Not in an ego kind of way but more in a way of that you have done something amazing with your life and now you have inspired people. This is why stars are so inspiring. I still sit in my backyard on another blanket, although not the yellow blanket as that one is long gone and I still love looking up at the stars but I find it hard to just focus up at the stars these days as my mind fills up with work, chores, and money. I still think that they are beautiful, awe inspiring, and amazing.

Find inspiration in the STARS!

So when you get a chance take a moment and be inspired this week by the stars. Connect a group of them and see what you find. Be a person that will inspire others like the stars. Fall in love again with the stars. Twinkle! Sparkle!

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Inspiring me-In the woods!

In The Woods….

Trees may not mean much to you but to me they have meant everything. Sometimes they have meant shelter from that morning rain or from the anger that was back at the house. I escape and run to the wood for solace, for peace.

In the woods-there you will find the smell of the dew fresh, sparkling on the ferns golden effervescent leaves. You will find streams to dip your toes into and feel the cold send chills up into your calves and sense the joy of the forest around you. In the woods-can you smell it? That is the fresh air, it is made by the beautiful oxygen that that tree right over there has given to you. Take in the wonderful fresh crisp air, smell nature at it’s finest. Hear the birds sing their nature’s harmony perfectly in tuned with the rain drops and the beckoning sound of the stream.

In the woods-is where you will find me. I go there to create magic. To build my imagination. To create myself. I inspire myself there. I look around at what nature can do and feel the power of the beauty. The tree which is more than just a trunk or branches, it lives, it provides. The stream struggles through mountains, rocks, makes a path and creates. The bird-beautiful, stunning with their wings, yet flying is the payoff. We all should go to the woods more often and be INSPIRED!

What is your inspiration?

Inspire someone today…..

Inspiration-the crashing of the waves.

As a little girl driving to the beach seem to always take such a long time. The build up prior to was something that you anticipate, dream about. The sand squishing between your toes, the water cresting upon your legs, and the wind blowing through your hair. You think about it all week until the day comes. Then your parents get off work, pack up the car and head West.

Underwater road-at least we thought so…

Driving around the bend and into the deep forested woods we used to think we were driving under water. This was the imagination working overtime as a child. Upon arriving into the town of the small coastal city you saw crab shacks and antiques hanging outside banging against old washed out wood poles. Windows began to roll down and I breathed in the beautiful salty, crisp air.

Something about the ocean, something about this town took me to another place. I can’t tell you really where it was. It just did. Water and or the ocean represents life or truth and rebirth. Maybe that’s what it was. I needed that as a child even. We got to our place at the beach unpacked. There was always a campfire and the magnificent stars above our innocent heads. Ghost stories and flash lights below our chins made the night.


The next adventure awaited us as the sun rose. Waking up to the salty air, nothing better. The smell of bacon cooking and coffee intermingling with the wafting aroma of sand and sea. Wanting to venture to the big vast wave maker we anxiously awaited the old folks to awake and have their pot of coffee first. Finally after the coffee, the bacon and making plans we were unleashed to the water.

The dunes.

The dunes greeted us with the smell of dill. Dill is growing throughout the dunes and in between the dunes you can find large bright blankets strewn across with picnics and potato chips with birds vying for crumbs. Our bright, ragged, and pink blanket is laid upon a dune that is perfect and away from the wind. The water calls us. We run and fast! My feet love the feel of the sand. I feel the temperature change as I get closer and the sand color changes from a light muted tan to a dark almost charcoal color. The sand is wet and wonderful. I approach the water with vigor. The temperature stings my skin. Burr it’s cold. I get deeper, it’s now at my waist. I am numb. This is why I love the ocean. She takes me to that place again. I sit down in the cold, aquamarine water. The waves splash against me pushing me farther up towards the sand line. I pull myself out of the water and look down at my tiny little legs and they are a lobster red from the frigid water.

I run a circle in the sand with my arms out to my side mimicking the sea gulls. I caw like the birds. I am free from all the life before this day. The waves have rinsed me of my life prior to this point. I am inspired by the waves. I lay down in the sun and listen to the waves as they crash upon the shore.

Waves crashing-aww the sea!