Inspiration-Taking it personal.

You have heard the phrase “Don’t take it personal.” We all have. I find this an interesting phrase really. What is wrong with taking things personal? That really is the question?

When you put yourself in a situation where you are vulnerable and you are open for criticism on every angle how do you not take it personal? 

As a creative person I create things. I create works of art at least in my head but they come from a place that is very personal. Not from a place that is just robotic and un-meaningful. I write from my soul, I write with feeling and heart. I work with everything I have and most days I am exhausted emotionally because I have put my heart into it. As the founder of Hotlit Books I take what people say about the organization very personal as I started our organization with everything I have and for that matter what I don’t!

So not taking it personal I think is not really an option for me. As a creative person and as a human being I fight to not take it personal but how do I do this? 

In the business world they say it is a “dog eat dog world” right? What happened to being compassionate and kind and caring about one another? I know it goes back to being “personal” right?

I guess this blog post is really about balance and my lack of it. I hope you enjoyed reading it. So next time you know when you read a blog about me or Hotlit Books you know I have put my all and yes, I do take it personal. Happy reading and go out inspire someone…Be personal with one another after all we are just human and we should take care of one another.


9 thoughts on “Inspiration-Taking it personal.

  1. I know what you mean but I work on the principle that if I’ve done my best and I am happy with it I don’t care what anyone else thinks. I agree compassion has gone out the window you only have to look on some of the media blog sites to see that all most people care about is themselves

    • Thanks Andrew for your comments. I totally agree with you on doing your best as that is all we can do. I just find it fascinating hence the reason for the post about how people “shouldn’t” take it so personal. When really if you are putting your heart into something it is difficult not to. Thanks again and thanks for reading my blog. Keep the comments coming I read all of them and I hope you have a wonderful day.

    • Andrew,

      Thanks and as always I can always count on you to know what I am talking about. Thanks for reading the post and commenting. It has been difficult to have people understand the change. It is about principle. I have learned to do things now that I can only do what will make me happy not what will create buzz or get followers etc.. Thanks again and have a great day. Good luck with the business too. I wish you the best!

  2. It’s very, very personal. What people fail to realize is that it is personal for other people, too. You’re a unique person, Gabriella. Thank you for taking it “personal.” Otherwise, you wouldn’t produce anything worth sharing.

    • Thanks Regge. I appreciate such great comments from you and you are such a wonderful person and friend. I really do appreciate you and all the wonderful things that you say. Thanks for reading my blog it truly means a lot to me. I also appreciate you following me on my journey. Thanks again and have an amazing day.

  3. I love it, Gabbie, absolutely love it. It’s nearly impossible and our career choice requires very thick and tough skin, but at least the compassion is found in like minded soul who also know what it’s like to reach within our souls to put a few words together in the hopes of evoking an emotion, creating an escape, and ultimately inspiring someone. Don’t let up, and stand tall against the criticism.

    • Thanks Javier! Your words are too kind. I truly appreciate your words and your thoughts. Thanks again and always I appreciate your true friendship. Thanks for reading my posts and I wish you a great day.

  4. Excellent post… I take things personally (most of the time) but that’s primarily because I tend to expect from others, what I expect from myself. I am not blogging this time to try to impress anyone, but if whatever I say helps someone that does make me feel good. some people just blog to get a high number of followers or readers, but you seem to have thought & feeling in yours. You can’t go wrong with compassion… in my book, but then no one really asked my opinion..LOL. Always stand up for yourself, but do it as firmly, yet politely as you can. (My poor kids have heard that one a thousand times.) Thanks for stopping by my blog also, as erratic as my blogs and thoughts seem to be. Blessings ~

    • Keliha,

      Thanks so much for reading my post. Yes I try to write from the heart and my blog is not about getting high numbers at all so you hit that one on the head. I am not about the numbers I am trying to inspire people with my writing. Isn’t that what writers should be doing in the first place? Anyways thanks so much for reading and commenting about this post. Have an inspired day.

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