Inspiration-Taking it personal.

You have heard the phrase “Don’t take it personal.” We all have. I find this an interesting phrase really. What is wrong with taking things personal? That really is the question? When you put yourself in a situation where you are vulnerable and you are open for criticism on every angle how do you not […]

I have been Nominated for the Seven Things About Me Award

I want to thank for the nomination it’s an honor. Seven things about me 1 I’m a writer. 2 I am the founder of 3 I love all music. 4 I have seriously jealous side (I am working on it). 5 I love to write 6 I can’t go a day without writing 7 I […]


“Yesterday is but today’s memory, and tomorrow is today’s dream.”-Khalil Gibran Dreams…. They can come to you in many forms as you lie asleep drifting from one dreamland to another. Dreams in our sleep have always told us a story, a story about ourselves. Our innermost thoughts, our desires…Our DREAMS. When was the last time […]


“You need to at least dip one toe into the water.” This is what my grandma used to say as we approached the cold and often numbing waters of the Pacific. She felt that it didn’t count if you didn’t put at least one toe in. I cherish that idea as I dip my toe […]

Discussion/Response: Hi Dr. Glen, Thank you! You are the only person besides myself who uses the word “embrace” so often. With the diagnosis of cancer that i had, I made a decision to embrace it with unconditional love. I have never “beat” cancer nor have I “fought” cancer. I ask, “”How does one feel after they have beaten or have fought anything. Generally, they feel terrible. However, from learning to embrace cancer with unconditional love, I have felt a blissfulness at times and very happy. And i also have not been sick one day because of a diagnosis of cancer for the past 9 years. I hope that I have the opportunity to meet you. I live on Cape Cod and do hosts events. It is a wonderful world when we embrace the imbalances in our lives. I say, “To look, to see and to tell the TRUTH about them”. Blessings to you!

I thought this was an amazing and thoughtful look at cancer from a brilliant mind. Please read this blog post from Dr. Glen Hepker.

Inspiration-From the windshield

As we roam through this wondrous land amazement occurs. I stare through the windshield at the evergreens and pass under steel bridges as the creeks and rivers pass under me. I  look to the right and see abandoned barns and old men sitting in the yard waiting for an open ear or a memory to […]


Nature in all it’s essence  is the true beauty-unspoiled. When in nature surrounded by the magnificent, the tall, the minute, the extreme, and the wonder. Take it in. Be in awe of it! Just feel yourself change. There is no other. There is no pressure to be something your’e not. The trees, the flowers, the […]


MUSIC Music is part of me. It has been since the moment I could walk. I have been dancing, humming, and skipping with music in my ears and in my heart for my whole life. This song is one that inspires me almost daily, the simple tune and guitar behind it is absolutely beautiful. It […]