Inspiration-From the windshield

As we roam through this wondrous land amazement occurs. I stare through the windshield at the evergreens and pass under steel bridges as the creeks and rivers pass under me.

A Steel Bridge…The river underneath me.

I  look to the right and see abandoned barns and old men sitting in the yard waiting for an open ear or a memory to flood their mind.

The stereo blares as the wind blows through my strawberry-blonde curly locks. The sun is shining upon my freckled sun kissed face. Summer is almost over now as my tan lines upon my shoulders begin to fade.

Cars…Children waving as I pass them by in my happy-go-lucky yellow bug. Some have their windows rolled up and I wonder why they don’t take the last breath of summer in?

Children waving..

Travel…Breathe it in, taste the wind, feel the river under you, and whisper to the old man.



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