Inspired by the STARS!

Absolutely inspiring!

When we look to the stars what do we see? A bunch of tiny small dots staring down upon us.

Do you ever think that maybe the sky is just a large blanket and a person has just ran that blanket through the dryer a few hundred times and now the blanket has too many holes?

What about this idea? Maybe we are in someone’s pocket rolling around and every so often we get a glimpse out of so said pocket and this is why we see the lights in the sky.

We all have connected the stars and made other things out of them. Have you seen an elephant, a boat, a pirate, a plane? I have. This is what inspires me. The stars have constantly amazed and inspired me. When I was young I would sit for hours on an old yellow blanket on the soft just mowed grass and breathe in the night sky. Stare I would. Sitting there after my nightly bath and my long blonde hair drying in the night’s crisp air, I would dream about flying through the sky. How I would love to be Tinkerbell and sprinkle my pixie dust gliding through. I would sit at a campfire and tell stories under these wonderful stars. I sat and had a first kiss under these beautiful stars. What have you done or seen or memories have you made under these magnificent objects?

Stars twinkle-don’t you want to? We all would love to have that bit of sparkle in us. We all would love to inspire people to write about us, study us and to glance upon us. Not in an ego kind of way but more in a way of that you have done something amazing with your life and now you have inspired people. This is why stars are so inspiring. I still sit in my backyard on another blanket, although not the yellow blanket as that one is long gone and I still love looking up at the stars but I find it hard to just focus up at the stars these days as my mind fills up with work, chores, and money. I still think that they are beautiful, awe inspiring, and amazing.

Find inspiration in the STARS!

So when you get a chance take a moment and be inspired this week by the stars. Connect a group of them and see what you find. Be a person that will inspire others like the stars. Fall in love again with the stars. Twinkle! Sparkle!

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