Inspiring me-In the woods!

In The Woods….

Trees may not mean much to you but to me they have meant everything. Sometimes they have meant shelter from that morning rain or from the anger that was back at the house. I escape and run to the wood for solace, for peace.

In the woods-there you will find the smell of the dew fresh, sparkling on the ferns golden effervescent leaves. You will find streams to dip your toes into and feel the cold send chills up into your calves and sense the joy of the forest around you. In the woods-can you smell it? That is the fresh air, it is made by the beautiful oxygen that that tree right over there has given to you. Take in the wonderful fresh crisp air, smell nature at it’s finest. Hear the birds sing their nature’s harmony perfectly in tuned with the rain drops and the beckoning sound of the stream.

In the woods-is where you will find me. I go there to create magic. To build my imagination. To create myself. I inspire myself there. I look around at what nature can do and feel the power of the beauty. The tree which is more than just a trunk or branches, it lives, it provides. The stream struggles through mountains, rocks, makes a path and creates. The bird-beautiful, stunning with their wings, yet flying is the payoff. We all should go to the woods more often and be INSPIRED!

What is your inspiration?

Inspire someone today…..


2 thoughts on “Inspiring me-In the woods!

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